2018-2019 Connect Kids Field Trip Application
Questions marked with a * are required Exit Survey
Eligibility - New York State Public Schools or Selected Youth Service Agencies
* Teacher/Youth Group Leader:
* Email Address - please be sure to check this email for important grant paperwork
* Verify Email Address
* Public School/Youth Center Site Name  : 
* Your School District, Charter School Name  OR Youth Center Administration Office -  : 
* Address Line 1 : 
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* City : 
    * State     * Zipcode
New York State Vendor ID Number (ten digit number)
Field Trip Information
* Destination** :
* Field Trip Date, applications must be received at least two weeks before field trip is scheduled.

* Field Trip Site Contact Name (must be a staff member from the field trip location ):
Program Time:
* Guided Program
* Type of Transportation Provider to be used:
Private Provider
School District Bus
No Bus Needed
* Grade:
* Approximate Number of Students:
* Approximate Number of Adults:
If applicable, schools must adhere to the site's ratio of students to adults.
For additional questions, please contact Susan Carver.

Check out the complete list of approved field trip destinations.