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2018-2019 Connect Kids Field Trip Application
Questions marked with a * are required Exit Survey
Eligibility - 
New York State Public Schools or Selected Youth Service Agencies **
* Teacher/Youth Group Leader:
* Email Address - please be sure to check this email for important grant paperwork
* Verify Email Address
* Public School/Youth Center Site Name  : 
* Your School District, Charter School Name  OR Youth Center Administration Office -  : 
* Address Line 1 : 
   Address Line 2 : 
* City : 
    * State     * Zipcode
New York State Vendor ID Number (ten digit number)
Field Trip Information
* Destination, you must confirm your trip with the field trip destination before applying for your grant.
* Field Trip Date, applications must be received at least two weeks before the field trip.

* Field Trip Site Contact, must be a State Parks or DEC staff member :
Program Time
* Guided Program
* Type of Transportation Provider to be used
Private Provider
School District Bus
No Bus Needed
* Grade
* Approximate Number of Students Per Grant
* Approximate Number of Adults Per Grant
If applicable, schools must adhere to the site's ratio of students to adults.
For additional questions, please contact Susan Carver.

Check out the complete list of approved field trip destinations.